Ellissa’s Charm “Welcome to our WORLD”

What is Ellissa’s Charm?

Ellissa’s Charm is my 1st Fashion Brand at Singapore. We work in great team across nation ^_^

All products that we have is made of LOVE, for all girl in Singapore (we will go to international soon).


“Ellissa’s Charm – designs to provide women from all walks of life the chance to dress modestly and stylishly while being professional and active in their daily lives.

We offer a range of contemporary apparels and exotic accessories. Our exclusive collections are specially sourced and handmade by our fashion designer, Ms Nurulfi (Me) and jewellery designer, Ms Elli. Rest assured that our collections only come in limited pieces”.

Do add us and browse our albums : https://www.facebook.com/ellissas.charm/photos_albums

and girls… don’t forget to check my beautiful collection “Belle de Bleu” it will suit on you who like Glamorous style:

My collection of Dress : https://www.facebook.com/ellissas.charm/media_set?set=a.494316407347020.1073741831.100003059960004&type=3



My Collection of Tunic : https://www.facebook.com/ellissas.charm/media_set?set=a.498997006878960.1073741832.100003059960004&type=3




Happy Shopping ❤


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