Fort Rotterdam | Indonesia

IMG_20140828_165249Fort Rotterdam or Fort Ujung Pandang (Fri Pandang) is a fortress relics Government GowaTallo. Castle park is on the west coast of Makassar, South Sulawesi.

The fortress was built in 1545 by King of Gowa 9th named I manrigau Home Bonto Karaeng Lakiung Tumapa’risi kallonna. Originally this fort policy fueled clay, but during the reign of King of Gowa 14th Sultan Alauddin construction is changed into a stone fortress Rube sourced from existing Karst Mountains in Maros district. Ujung Pandang fortress shaped like a turtle to crawl down into the ocean. In terms of shape very clear philosophy Gowa Kingdom, that turtles can live on land and at sea. So even with a successful Gowa Kingdom onshore or at sea.
Thanks to Husnul Chatimah for send me this card ❤ 🙂

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