My Accessories Collection

I am so exciting to talk about accessories, Fashion can’t stand without accessories all girls in this world must have some accessories. I will show you my little collection of accessories.

First I have some necklace pendant here:

IMG_20141005_103904 IMG_20141005_103843

This’s my 19 birthday present from my daddy, The Black Pearl necklace pendant from Lombok Island, Indonesia.

I really love this necklace because the pearl look so pretty with diamonds around the square frame, beside that the chain made from silver, If you ask me about the price honestly I don’t know cause my daddy never tell me about that, I got this necklace 1 set with the bracelet, ring & earrings.


IMG_20141005_103510 IMG_20141005_103540










This is my daily necklace pendant I always use everyday, cause it’s look simple and chick ! ❤ . Made from 22K pure gold and 4 shiny little diamonds for the pendant, I bought this necklace at Eropa Gold, that’s 1 of jewellery store in my city Bandung,Indonesia.

The price is around USD360.

IMG_20141005_103137 IMG_20141005_103101










It’s Classy right? ❤

ok I got this from my mom and my mom got this from my grandma, Vintage Pearly necklace pendant, this made by pure white pearl and 22K gold for the pendant. Honestly I never use this before, maybe someday when my wedding day <3.

Price? hmm… I am not sure.


The Sea Shell necklace with beads, I got this at Pangandaran Beach, West Java, Indonesia. That’s about 8 – 10 hours from my town. The rainbow effect from the sea shell make this necklace so pretty, and the color is beige ! I love beige so much ❤

The Price USD 5 , That’s friendly price for me 😀

IMG_20141005_102710 IMG_20141005_102620










Ethnic Blue Butterfly necklace pendant, this necklace have long copper chain  and the point of interest is the blue stone, I am not sure what’s kind of stone that but that’s look like Chrysocolla Stone . I really love butterfly so this necklace perfect for casual time for me 🙂 I found this treasure at Petra Accessories store , in Bandung my city 🙂

The Price is around USD 11 – 15 .

IMG_20141005_110239 IMG_20141005_105843 IMG_20141005_105934 IMG_20141005_110013

And these is my little collection of Brooch, I found these pretty things at different store, I always use this brooch for my Hijab accessories cause I am Muslim and I am using hijab.

For the price is around USD 1-15 .

I still have a lot of accessories in my box , I will make other article about that 🙂

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog ❤

if you have any question don’t be shy to comment or email me

~Have a nice day~



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