Ellissa’s Charm Accessories

Hello Ladies, Ellissa’s Charm back with a lot of pretty accessories here ❤

all of these item are available,so be ready to get Fancy !

1. Moroccan Magic

This Glamorous rings and bracelet made by love and high art,18 K gold with fine cut of gems stone must be in your box collection,  come with limited edition, so ladies don’t be late to get these pretty accessories.

Price : $80-$100

you can click at the picture for more information.

10702214_595901147188545_8026408490743293248_n 10703739_595901123855214_878204176619401741_n10660347_595901083855218_2628037278520506487_n10620529_595901073855219_1703077579985806307_n





















2.Luxurious Rings

We have new rings collection here ladies, made with silver,titanium and gold with shiny diamond around the gems stone, perfect for special occasion , it’s for you who want look fabulous.

Price : $200-$300

you can click at the picture for more information.

10670048_598557043589622_423385464829209201_n 15405_598557003589626_8172158512142174828_n 10606589_598556973589629_2984913376483568397_n 10636327_598557063589620_3947278036922396838_n 10639577_598557033589623_4489733618614860904_n 10647181_598556993589627_1347421360064204281_n






















3.Exotic Brooch

Are you looking for something different? we have exotic brooch here, nature and culture inspired us to made these pretty brooch for you.Environment friendly materials such as stones, cow stone, woods, seeds and Beads.

You wont get bored with this style.

Price : $15-$30

you can click at the picture for more information.

10462623_556401444471849_6103602814936941906_n 10344812_544050359040291_2571053549101385183_n 10345755_544048772373783_4795948002377652525_n  10383079_556401124471881_3036601157543733771_n 10418160_556401717805155_2749474377280380970_n10351749_544047412373919_3299374166199915025_n






















All these product available in Singapore you can contact us :

Whatsapp : (+65) 9369 8268

e-mail : sue_nadya@yahoo.com

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/ellissas.charm


Happy Shopping and Have a Nice day ❤


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