Lotto 2 Shocking For Her (Review)


Lotto is sport brand form Italy you can check their profile here –>

Ok, Let’s talk about my perfume “Lotto 2 Shocking For Her”, last week I found this perfume at perfume counter, after trying more  than 15 or more perfume I don’t get what I want.

So I am trying sport brand perfume like Adidas, Nike etc. But I still don’t get it, I look at the simple bottle with pink color, and when I am open the bottle cap fresh and sweet scent feel so great for me.


For the packaging this one is really simple, clear bottle and box really simple too, because this is sport brand I think it’s ok.


Lotto 2 Shocking for her is Eau de Toilette, so it’s really refreshing the smell is weaker than Eau de Perfume but stronger than Eau de Cologne , so I am using this after shower everyday.


The top note is fruity notes specially Citrus.

The Middle notes are Freesia & Peony.

Base Notes are Amber,Musk & Cedarwood.


My Personal Opinion for this product:

1. Refreshing Scent : I love fresh scent I can use this product for any occasions.

2. Simple is Better : I am not fans of unique perfumes bottle and I am not the collection of Perfume, Simple bottle is the best for me to bring it every where.

3. Price : for 100 ml EDT Lotto 2 Shocking For Her is $18 / Rp.234.000,-

4. My boyfriend like the smell so much and he wear it too ❤ <—– the most important



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